Ross Henery Professional Knives, Eclipse Premium Stainless Steel 9 Piece Chefs Knife Set in Case

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This incredible Ross Henery Professional 9-piece chef's knife set comes in a zip up storage case which is perfect if you're transporting the knives as well as being a storage

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This incredible Ross Henery Professional 9-piece chef’s knife set comes in a zip up storage case which is perfect if you’re transporting the knives as well as being a storage case even as the knives aren’t in use. The storage case is easily wiped clean

Made from high carbon stainless steel these knives are designed to hold their edge and come sharp straight out of the box. They have an unbelievable balance and feel in hand making them perfect knives for the professional or domestic kitchen.

The plain metal design of these knives eliminates food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene

The knives are hand sharpened and then polished at the factory and have exceptional attention to detail and quality.

The logo on the Knives are now lasered on where as previously they were printed so there is not any chance of the logo fading after sustained use.

Ross Henery professional uses Premium Stainless steel in this knife set and this is a high carbon premium stainless steel designed to hold the edge of the knife even as also resisting rust.

The Eclipse Premium set is of a much better quality then a large number of the budget knife sets available which look great in pictures but with the budget materials used as a rule don’t last very long at all. Invest in the best – Ross Henery Professional

The 9 Knives in the case weigh approx. 2.6kgs (5.7lbs) so you’ll be able to tell the knives have a good weight to them

The set includes the following Utensils:

1 x Chef’s knife 14″

1 x Carving Knife 14′

1 x utility knife 12.5′

1 x paring knife 8′

1 x boning knife 12′

1 x bread knife 13′

1 x sharpening steel – 12′

1 x Meat clever

1 x Carving Fork

1 x Carry Case

Hand washing is strongly
• 9 Piece professional chefs knife set, Each Knife forged from one piece of high carbon stainless steel
• The knives come in a heavy-duty zip up carry case ideal for storing or transporting the chef’s knives. The case is also easily wiped clean for hygiene.
• Perfect the professional chef, College student and the home kitchen as a Kitchen Knife Set
• The Largest Knife Blades Come with Protective Sheathes to stop the knives cutting into the case. The knives are pictured both with and without the sheathes on
• All knives are Hand Sharpened and triple hardened to make sure they hold their edge




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Ross Henery Professional


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Ross Henery Professional